How to Keep Motivated While Breaking Into Acting

Pursuing an acting career is anything but smooth sailing. Part of breaking into a highly competitive market like the entertainment industry is the unpredictable change of fortune that strikes every aspiring talent who wants to make their mark. From the dizzying highs to the rock bottom lows, few people possess the drive to constantly stay in the gut-wrenching race to stardom.

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Even our favorite Hollywood celebrities have faced numerous bouts of these extreme changes in their career. And, more than a handful of Hollywood actors have maintained the same kind of determined spirit that allowed them to stay in the game. Some have even gone on to continue for several decades of their career before retiring to pursue other interests outside the sphere of Tinseltown.

One key factor that greatly influenced and helped them sustain their drive in the face of rejections and uncertainties is motivation. This is the kind of fuel that ensures success in practically any career that wish to pursue.

Inspiration is the crucial driving force that every person must possess, especially for those talents who are just starting out to make a name for themselves in the industry. As rejection is quite common as you go on in your journey, there will be times when things might seem vague and doubt will cloud your mind. When this happens, you just have to tell yourself that your big break is just right around the corner.

And, it really truly is. Do remember that even Hollywood’s top notch actors underwent the same staggering journey you are currently going through.

If you want to keep or increase your level of motivation, while pursuing your acting career, here are several ways for you to do it:

Be Proactive

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One of the important things you should consider before throwing down the towel after your first several rejection is to remain active in the game. It may be tempting to take a backseat after that initial string of rejections, but don’t.

Use this time to become more productive and proactive. You can engage in activities that will fuel your drive to stay in the game and focus more in your pursuit. These activities can range from looking for other acting auditions to reading new acting materials. Take this opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the industry. Instead of moping because you were rejected, battle it out by facing it head on and move forward to the next auditions.

Hone Your Artistic Craft

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Efficiency comes from constantly practicing both your skills and talent and developing them further.

Developing your acting talent must not be limited to just focusing on acting alone. You should also branch out to honing your other significant skills. You can opt to attend classes, workshops, seminars and one on one coaching on other key areas like dancing, singing and even stunt performing. If you prefer doing it at home, you can do research on acting materials such as monologues or copies of scripts from notable plays or movies.

It is an advantage to learn a new set of skills as this might come in handy for your future acting auditions. So, do not be afraid to dedicate a few hours into learning new things. Part of becoming an actor means that you have to embrace the feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Keep in mind that lack of practice is detrimental to one’s progress in the entertainment industry or even any industry for that matter. And, this will be quite visible during your actual performances. This is one important tip that several A-list celebs live by. Concrete examples from your favorite celebrities, include venturing into Broadway instead of limiting themselves to acting on the big or small screens.

The advantage of doing this kind of move is that it will help expand your choices of which field of acting you really want to pursue in the long run. Branching out into different acting ventures will also boost your self-confidence and prepare you for anything, whether its your next acting audition or your next acting job.

Look for Inspiration

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One of the ways you can stay motivated is to inspire yourself and there are several ways for you to do this, so you can focus your mind on building up your career. Whether it’s brushing up on your favorite Hollywood actor’s own success story or visiting friends and relatives, it is important that you keep your motivational mindset on a high level.

If you find yourself tired, relax and take some time out. Do activities that motivate you. It does not necessarily have to be related to acting, just as long as it amplifies your disposition to keep on. 

Work on Your Public Image

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Constantly being on the spotlight and under public scrutiny is part of being an actor. It is one of the unpleasant consequences of becoming a professional actor in the industry. So, it is important that you should devote some time to work on your public image. This will greatly contribute to both your personal and professional credibility and success as an actor.

Before you think of the kind of image you want to project to the public, it is important that you make a good assessment of yourself. Get to know who you are. Think of an image that you want to be known for in the public eye and then, go and work on it.

Building up your public image does not necessarily mean that you have to alter your look differently in any way. If you want to retain the same physical traits, then you have the freedom to do so. Take care of your body. Eat what is right.

Find time to separate yourself from the stress of everyday life. But, most importantly find time to build an image that is true to who you are. This will be very easy to stick with and to identify yourself with. If you wish to alter your physical features, keep in mind that public perception is not merely limited to how you look. It will also look into how you act.

So, just be yourself and always be real. This should be one of the things you should not lose while you are in the course of pursuing an acting career.

Work on Other Interests

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There is more to life than just acting. So, in between acting jobs and applying for acting auditions, devote some time on developing new hobbies or banking on new interests. These will help you provide a productive escape from the usual hustle and bustle of the entertainment world.

Taking on interests not directly related to the industry is also a great way for you to discover new skills and even talents. You can do this especially if you have long breaks in between jobs and auditions. An interest or hobby turned into a skill can become a good investment in the future should you wish to devote your time and abilities on something outside of the entertainment industry.On an industry-related note, these interests-turned-skills can be something you can use to build up your acting resume.

Work on Your Financial Stability

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Let’s face it, a number of aspiring actors may be in the acting business not just for the recognition or the love for the craft, but for the possible monetary rewards that come with it. However, building an acting career also does not always come with a hefty price tag. And, this will only start to grow once you become more proactive in pursuing acting auditions and booking acting jobs.

Most of the expenses you will be spending your money on initially will come from printing your resumes and headshots, paying for travel expenses to go to acting jobs or auditions and most importantly, replenish your audition supplies and costumes.

With this, one of the things you should seriously work on while you are still starting out is to become financially stable. Remember that getting a successful acting career will not happen overnight.

As going to the acting business may take most of your time and eat up most of your budget, it is crucial that you have an alternate source of income. This is so you can support yourself while you out looking for that one role that will launch your career. If you have some money saved up, then this will be good for the times when you get more rejections than offers.

But, you still have to find day jobs that will allow you to take time off for your auditions. There are such jobs that will provide you with the income you need to support yourself, as well as flexibility of time to continue on pursuing your acting. These jobs include freelance writing, bartending, waitressing or singing for bars, hotels and restaurants, among others.

Build Connections and Relationships


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Shying away from opportunities to meet talents just like you or some of the industry’s professionals will do you more harm than good. This is because networking is an essential lifesaver for any person trying to make a successful acting career.

Building connections is an important tool that you should meticulously develop, especially if you are still starting out in the industry. So, go out there and expose yourself to the acting community.

You do not necessarily have to attend fancy dinner parties or go to big celebrity bashes. You can go about attending your local community theater activities and start your way from there. You can also meet people by attending classes or workshops. Always make sure to mingle and be involved.

Building relationships in the industry helps you not just in honing your craft, but it will also expose you to the more people, most notably, key figures like casting directors, talent scouts, and even producers. Plus, immersing yourself in the acting community more will also help you to focus your mind on what lies ahead for your career.

Don’t Allow Success to Get Into Your Head

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One of the common mistakes aspiring actors make after landing a role is that they tend to get stuck in a state of euphoria. While there is no doubt that all your hard work has finally paid off, keep in mind that getting a part in itself is a motivation.

Some people tend to stop short of improving their talents after booking their very first job. This is one career mistake that you do not want to make. Getting a job is actually an indication that you have more work ahead of you, which you can get by further improving on your talent.

Talk to Someone

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Keeping your feelings to yourself will do you no good, especially if you are dealing with some issues that involve your career choices. Always find a good outlet for venting out your thoughts and feelings. Talking about your goals with someone helps as well.

The most essential thing is that you have people who are willing to hear you out. Let them know about what you are going through, including all your joys and hardships. Doing this will lessen your stress levels and will help you focus more on your objectives. Who knows, the person you’ve decided to talk to may have an advice or two for you on how you can make your journey more worthwhile and fun.

Keeping things to yourself is not a healthy practice. It will not bode well for creating a more motivated mind set.

Think Positive Always

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Challenges will always be a part of building a promising career. There are instances when you will find yourself unsure if you are even taking the right path at all. The only way to get out of a bad situation or a negative mind set is to take a sharp detour and think about the positive side of things.

All success stories are paved with road blocks that may have seemed immovable at the start. So, if you are faced with challenges, take them as motivation to really keep on fighting.

Sounds strange right? It certainly is not. Hollywood celebs have also undergone the same challenges as you did when they first started out in the industry. Jackie Chan, Clint Eastwood and Channing Tatum, among others, started out as extras, while Harrison Ford, Matthew McConaughey and Sylvester Stallone had some really lowly jobs before they got to where they are now. They may be among Hollywood’s royalty now, the road was certainly not smooth for them.

To stay positive at all times, you need to surround yourself with people who will do nothing but encourage you. Affirmation of what you are doing should not only come from you, but also from your environment and the people you surround yourself with. Remember that each step of your journey is preparing your for something greater.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

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Just because an audition you have worked so hard for did get you the part, this does not mean you are failure. It is also not an indication that your chances of getting booked for a role is zero to none.

Even if you are faced with more rejection than you can possibly think you can handle, keep in mind that there are still more to life than your failed auditions. Never think that pursuing your dreams is a bad decision. It is, in fact, one of the best things you may have done.

Not many people have the courage to really follow their dreams. So, do not fret over a rejection, as there are plenty of auditions out there that will possibly give you your big break. Instead, take time to reassess your approach on how you should develop and go about your acting career. Do not put too much pressure on yourself into doing everything overnight.

Pursuing your dream in itself is a already a motivation to move forward. However, you have to remember that success needs time and hard work. So, you also need to take time to unwind and do things you love to do.

Do not take your social life for granted. Taking some time off will help you gain your peace of mind that can sometimes be misplaced or set aside when you are caught up with so many activities concerning your career.

You go and live life to the fullest. Go and develop yourself as a person.  The more you get in tuned with who you are, the more you will become focused on what you can do for yourself and your acting career.

Keep in mind that motivation always starts within yourself. You are in charge of how you want your career to take off. However, even the most amount of preparation will not prepare you for the many challenges ahead of you. There is no doubt that somewhere in your journey, you will be faced with crossroads and questions that will make you rethink if pursuing an acting career is the right decision.

No matter what age you are, there is nothing wrong with pursuing your dream. What is important is that you take every challenge as a room for improvement and do not forget to reach out to people and open up to them. Remember that these people also have the power to help you achieve your dreams. Invest in things and activities that will inspire you, whether it is industry related or not.

And, never forget that success won’t come overnight. It will take time and a lot of hard work and dedication on your part. So, find time to balance both your professional and your personal life. Part of the winning formula that will ensure your success in the industry is to know what motivates you, so you can unlock your full potential as an actor. Remember that the fact you have gone this far in your journey is already one the greatest motivations to keep you going.



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