ABC’s ‘Quantico’ Now Casting Extras


ABC’s ‘Quantico’ Now Casting Extras
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Atlanta, GA | Birmingham, AL

This Casting Call Expires on March 23 , 2015


Self Response




Casting is now open for talents to play police officers, security personnel, and military in ABC’s upcoming TV pilot, Quantico.

Quantico centers on a group of young FBI trainees, who battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia. It features their hidden pasts, their present training, and their near future, in which one of the recruits becomes a sleeper terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attack in the United States.

For all roles, attach three photos of yourself, including a headshot and a body shot, along with your age, height, weight and other contact information. Take note that you have to submit for the role before the filming date.

All scenes will be filmed in the Atlanta area.



FBI Trainees
The production’s casting team is currently looking for men and women, aged 25 to 35, to play FBI trainees on scenes that will be filmed on March 15 and 20.

Only those who have short hair, no facial hair, fit, and have khakis will be considered for the role.

If interested, please write “TWO DAY TRAINEES” on the subject line.

Experienced policemen, firemen, and EMTs with fit bodies and aged 25 to 35 are asked to apply for a role in a disaster scene that will be filmed on March 22.

To apply, please write “DISASTER SCENE” on the subject line.

Men and women, aged 40 and above, are asked to apply for the roles mayor and governors.

To apply, please submit yourself before March 22 and write “POLITICAL” on the subject line.

Military or Bomb Squad Members
Experienced military or police bomb squad members are also encouraged to apply for a scene that will be filmed on the same date.

If interested, please put “BOMB” on the subject line.

Cafeteria Worker
Casting directors are inviting men and women, aged 35 and above, to apply for the role of a cafeteria worker, who will work in a scene that will be filmed on March 21.

To apply, “CAFETERIA” should be written on the subject line.

Mormon Parishers
They are also seeking men and women, aged 18 and above, to play Mormon parishers in a scene that will be filmed on March 24. Those with sacrament garb will be prioritized.

Upon submission, please put “Sacrament Garb” on the subject line.


$0 / Non-Union

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