CW’s TV Pilot for ‘Cordon’ Now Casting for Extras

CWs Cordon

CW’s TV Pilot for ‘Cordon’ Now Casting for Extras
TV Pilot – Extras
Atlanta, GA | Birmingham, AL

This Casting Call Expires on March 27 , 2015


Self Response




CW TV presents another exciting series with Cordon. As filming steams up in Atlanta, Georgia, casting directors are seeking for extras to help complete the production for the TV pilot.

The story revolves around an outbreak in Atlanta, leaving a number of people stuck in a quarantined large city fighting for survival and their lives.

Jake, portrayed by Chris Wood, an ex-renegade turned cop, is one of those trapped inside Cordon. As relationships are torn apart, you will witness with each episode how the society copes inside the city, revealing the birth of so-called heroes and the devolution of humanity. Jake finds himself tasked to save the people who need him the most, even if his first instinct is to protect himself.

If you are living in the general area of Atlanta, Georgia, you are encouraged to send in your application on or before March 27.



Beat Up Car Owners
Male and female extras, aged 18 and 60, are needed for a scheduled filming on March 28, 2015. They will fill the role of beat-up car owners. If you are interested, you should be okay about production putting dust on your vehicle.


$0 / Non-Union

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