Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns


Pressure is part of an actor’s life. In a world heavily scrutinized by the public eye, there is no denying that no amount of training in acting school can prepare any famous Hollywood celebrity from losing their cool sometimes. This, as not only their professional, but also their personal lives are made constant subjects for the public’s general consumption.

Although some bask in the glory of this unending attention, others have opted to shy away from the glare of the being always in the limelight. To do this, they enforce measures to strictly maintain a huge amount of space between their personal and public personas.

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Although grace under pressure seem to be the mantra for a number of successful Hollywood celebrities, there are still several of them whose worst personalities are brought out by the pressure and stress of their jobs. And, because they are who they are, their bad moments usually receive a significant amount of attention, which is sometimes even more than what they get when they are on their best behavior.

From the sweetest hook ups to the most scandalous of divorces, there is definitely more to Hollywood than just looking pretty for the camera. So, below meet the celebrities who will show you the darker side of the glittering Hollywood life:


10.) Mariah Carey

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Mariah Carey is one of the music industry’s most established figures. Aside from being an accomplished singer-songwriter, she is also a record producer and, occasionally an actress. Carey first released her debut album entitled Mariah Carey in 1990, which spawned four consecutive number one singles and went multi-platinum.

It was later followed by the release of her Emotions (1991) studio album under Columbia Records and her then husband Mottola. Her other albums included Music Box (1993), Merry Christmas (1994), and Day Dream (1995), which introduced her collaboration with the group Boyz II Men in the song, “One Sweet Day”. The song is currently the longest running number one song in the US, which stayed on the charts for 16 weeks.

Carey ranks # 2 on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music and was referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “song bird supreme.”

Carey has had her fair share of ups and downs throughout her career, but it was the box office flop of her movie Glitter that really took a toll on the singer. Before her meltdown, she began to post cryptic messages to her fans on her official website stating that she was “trying to understand things in life” and that “she can’t trust anybody anymore.”

The singer later showed up pushing an ice cream cart on MTV’s TRL wearing nothing but a shirt, which she later took off in front of the audience, wearing only a tiny tank top and hot pants as well as rambling about rainbows and ‘therapy’. The star’s stunt got her a trip to the hospital for ‘exhaustion’ or what is known as Hollywood’s term for going bonkers.


9.) Kanye West

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Kanye West built a name for himself as a rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer in the music industry. He first rose to recognition when he became a producer for Roc-A Fella records. However, it was his collaboration with Jay Z in the 2001 hit “The Blueprint” that cemented his status as a prominent person in the music scene.

West is regarded as one of the best selling artists of all time as well, having sold over 21 million albums and 66 million digital downloads worldwide. He has won over 21 Grammy awards and was named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Time Magazine both in 2005 and 2011. His notable albums include Late Registration (2005), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010), and Yeezus (2013).

Despite his rather impressive resume as an artist, West has developed quite a notorious reputation for his bouts of anger and impeccable rudeness. Prone to outbursts against the paparazzi, West’s most infamous incidents occurred on two of the music industry’s most prestigious award ceremonies though.

The first incident came during the 2009 MTV Video Music awards where he stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for winning the award for Best Female Video for the song, “You Belong with Me”. West claimed that Beyonce should’ve won the award and not the Swift. Kudos to West’s support for Beyonce, but even the Queen B herself was left speechless during his stunt.

His second most recent meltdown happened during the 57th Grammy Awards where he again stormed onstage to protest Beck’s win for the Grammy Award Album of the Year. He was not impressed with the fact that his idol Beyonce lost the coveted award.

The controversy ended with a fairy tale twist as West formally apologized to both Swift and Beck. He then retracted his claim about their unpleasant craft and heaped praises on them for their artistry and contribution to the industry.


8.) David Hasselhoff

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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American actor David Hasselhoff earliest stint in acting came in the television series The Young and the Restless (1975-1982) and Starcrash (1979). However, it was with the science fiction series Knight Rider that he really started gaining recognition and his role as lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the television series Baywatch that catapulted him to becoming a Hollywood star. The series concluded in 2001 with the television series Baywatch Hawaii.

Hasselhoff’s other prominent roles included one in the Broadway show Jekyll and Hyde and the movie Click (2006) starring opposite Adam Sandler. He also joined the judging panel on NBC’s America’s Got Talent from 2006 to 2009 and later in Britain’s Got Talent in 2011.

Reputed for his alcoholism, Hasselhoff is infamous for his stints both in rehab and in the hospital. However, his most famous drinking binge was while he was overly drunk in a hotel room and spewing eaten cheeseburger all over the floor.


7.) Christian Bale

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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British actor Christian Bale’s first stint in the entertainment industry came at the age of 13 years old, when he bagged the starring role in the Steven Spielberg-directed movie Empire of the Sun.

Initially shell-shocked with the fame it brought him, Bale was about to give up acting until fellow British thespian Kenneth Branagh convinced him not to. He later landed roles in the 1989 film Henry V and in the 1990 Treasure Island. He then starred opposite Wynona Ryder in the 1994 movie The Little Women.

His breakout role though when he played serial killer Patrick Bateman in the 1999 film American Psycho. After this, his acting career took on a haitus. After his break, Bale starred in Equilibrium (2002), Reign of Fire (2002), and The Machinist (2005). Then, he got elevated to his superstar status when he took on the role of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight, which was the first film for Christopher Nolan‘s adaptation of the Batman series.

Despite his superstardom, the British actor has earned a rather unpleasant reputation for his outburst on crew members during the filming of the 2009 film Terminator Salvation. His explosive rant lasted for over several minutes and has been the subject of a series of viral videos and techno remixes shared online.

It’s a good thing that nothing more has been said about the incident after it happened though, as this could mean that Bale’s outburst was just an isolated incident. Although if you would look at it, what happened to the actor seemed to have happened to other Terminator actors in the past. Was this a coincidence that can be based on the Terminator series being one of Hollywood’s most cursed movie franchises?


6.) Lindsay Lohan

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Lindsay Lohan has come a long way from her child star days. Her first years in the industry were spent working as a model and it was not until she starred in the 1998 remake of the film The Parent Trap that she gained recognition as a rising child star. Later on, Lohan starred in Freaky Friday (2003) starring opposite Hollywood veteran Jamie Lee Curtis and in the 2004 film Mean Girls.

Also considered an adequate singer, Lohan released her debut album Speak in 2004. Her sophomore album A Little More Personal was released in 2005 and received critical acclaim. Meanwhile, in the movie arena, Lohan’s notable projects included Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005) as well as Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion and Emilio EstevezBobby, which were both independent films. She also starred in Labor Pains (2009) and Liz and Dick (2010).

Aside from having also made her Broadway debut, Lohan has expanded her influence by releasing her own fashion line and mobile game called Lindsay Lohan’s The Price of Fame.

The actress’ steady rise to stardom was abruptly halted when Lohan was arrested for two incidents of driving under the influence in 2007. The actress was put on probation and was required three visits to rehabilitation. This first blow caused Lohan to lose several movie deals. Aside from this, she also earned the reputation as one of the Hollywood’s celebrities who are fond of partying really hard.

In between 2010 and 2013, the actress found herself in a tangle of rehabilitation stints and legal problems that stemmed from misdemeanors to probation violations. And, if this was not enough drama for LiLo, her parents was also the subject of major scrutiny during this time, due to their own turbulent and highly-publicized relationship and eventual divorce.

Lohan is one solid example of stars who failed to dodge the infamous Hollywood child star curse. Although, you’ve got to hand it to this young Hollywood star, because despite her ugly descent into rock bottom, she is now slowly getting her life back on track.


5.) Shia Labeouf

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Hollywood actor and director Shia Labeouf first came into recognition during his stint as Louise Stevens in the Disney Channel television series Even Stevens. His film debut came with the 2003 movie Holes, which was based on the novel of the same name. This was later followed by a series of commercially successful films such as Disturbia (2007) and Surf’s Up (2007).

Labeouf’s breakout role came in 2007 though, when he starred as Sam Witwicky in the Michael Bay-directed film The Transformers, opposite Megan Fox. He later appeared in its sequels Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011). His other notable projects include Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Nymphomaniac (2013), and Fury (2014).

Aside from his acting prowess, Laboeuf has also developed quite a reputation for his notorious public stunts and outbursts. He has had several run-ins with the law, which initially involved misconduct, such as threatening a neighbor and failing to make a court appearance over a ticket he received for unlawful smoking.

Laboeuf’s other infamous meltdowns included the infamous Cabaret incident, where he was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespass during Alan Cumming’s Cabaret performance in New York’s Theatre 54, his claim of rape during a participation in a Los Angeles art installation #IAMSORRY and the widely-popular ‘I am Not Famous” brown bag exhibition during the release of his 2013 film Nymphomaniac.


4.) Britney Spears

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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American singer and actress Britney Spears’ earliest stint in the industry were performances in stage plays and television shows. She rose to worldwide fame with her 1999 debut album Baby One More Time under Jive records. However, it was her sophomore album Oops, I Did it Again that earned her the status of a pop icon. Spears later ventured further into the entertainment industry and starred in the 2002 film Crossroads.

In 2003, she released her fourth studio album entitled In the Zone, which featured the song “Toxic” and yielded international success. Spears career was temporarily put on hiatus in 2007 after she suffered bouts of personal issues and run-ins with the law. Her fifth studio album entitled Blackout was released later in the same year.

Her other notable albums include Circus (2008) and Femme Fatale (2011). Aside from being known as the Princess of Pop, Spears has also earned a Grammy Award, 6 MTV Video Music Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Spear’s life took tumultuous turn for the worse in 2007, following the death of her aunt. In February of that year, she stayed in a drug rehabilitation center in Antigua for less than a day. This was later followed by an incident where the pop star shaved her hair clean off her head.

She then lost the custody battle over her children with her then husband Kevin Federline and was later hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Hospital, after she was found by police under the influence of an illicit substance in her own home.

Despite those disturbing years when the pop singer’s life took a wild detour, Spears has visibly turned her life around as of late.


3.) Mel Gibson

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Mel Gibson is widely recognized as an action hero because of his roles in the widely-popular Mad Max and Lethal Weapon franchises.

Gibson was quite active in the acting scene even at a young age. The actor first came into recognition in the 1979 film Mad Max. However, it was his role in the critically acclaimed World War I movie Gallipoli I in 1981 that earned him a Best Actor Award from the Australian Film Institute.

His career as an actor is composed of iconic roles in such movies as Tequila Sunrise (1988) and the movie series Lethal Weapon, the first film of which came out in 1989. These were followed by a string of other successful movie projects which included Braveheart (1995), Ransom (1996), and Conspiracy Theory (1997), which he starred opposite Julia Roberts.

As a director, Gibson also has notable films under his belt and these include The Passion of Christ (2004) and Apocalytpo (2006). However, all these have been overshadowed by some of his rather controversial life issues. Aside from battling alcoholism, Gibson has also dealt with legal battles and substance abuse.

Some of Gibson’s most scandalous incidents involved a run in with the police while drunk driving or driving under the influence. It was later followed by lawsuits concerning domestic violence filed by Oksana Grigorieva and her daughter and this was succeeded by a restraining order.

Despite Gibson’s string of controversies that range from obscenity rants to racist comments, the actor is somehow seen to be working towards setting his life back on the right track.


2.) Amanda Bynes

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Hollywood actress and fashion designer Amanda Bynes has recently made headlines, but not for promoting her latest project.

At the age of seven years old, Bynes got into the entertainment industry by joining a comedy camp. After this, she rose to prominence for her recurring role in the Nickelodeon show All That, which she was part of starting season three up until season six. After becoming a regular at the network’s Figure It Out, she was given her own show called The Amanda Bynes Show.

The actress slowly ventured out into the big screen with various roles in such movies like Big Fat Liar (2002), She’s The Man (2006), which she starred opposite Channing Tatum, and Hairspray (2007). Bynes eventually announced her official retirement from acting with her last movie with Emma StoneEasy A (2010). Planning to focus on her career as a fashion designer and rapper, she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Irvine in 2014 only to be expelled later in the same year.

Bynes’ slow descent began in 2012, when she was ticketed by the police for talking on a cellphone while driving. The same year, she was arrested and charged for driving under the influence. This was followed by two other charges, which was for alleged hit and run incidents occurring in April and August of the same year.

In 2013, she was arrested again at her Manhattan home after police discovered marijuana within the premises. She was also charged for attempted tampering of evidence and reckless endangerment. In the same year, she was placed under conservatorship following several untoward incidents, which included starting a fire in her own home. The succeeding year, she was hospitalized and was placed on a temporary psychotic hold. She was discharged on October 30, 2014.

Presently, the star is reportedly on the slow road to recovery with her parents having legal control over her finances and medical needs.


1.) Charlie Sheen

Top Ten Worst Celebrity Meltdowns
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Coming from a line of distinguished Hollywood actors, Charlie Sheen is now known not just for his iluustrious acting career, but also for his rather disreputable life outside the camera.

The son of Hollywood actor Martin Sheen, this award-winning actor’s career began with a role in the 1984 Cold War teen drama entitled Red Dawn, which he starred in with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. His first major role came in the 1986 Vietnam War drama Platoon and this was later followed by a string of successful films such as Lucas (1986), The Three Musketeers (1993) and Being John Malkovich (1999).

By the time the 2000s came in, Sheen ventured into television sitcoms where he won a Golden Globe Award for his role in Spin City. However, it was his role in the 2003 TV sitcom Two and a Half Men that earned him critical acclaim.

Sheen’s television endeavor made him the highest paid actor on television. But, this was overshadowed by the actor’s rather stormy personal life, which included official reports of alcohol and drug abuse and got more coverage in the news and tabloids.

The actor also faced marital problems coupled with allegations of domestic violence. His turbulent reputation went to an all time high when Warner Bros. fired him from Two and a Half Men and he publicly made derogatory remarks about the series’ creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros.

The actor also unleashed a media frenzy, when he cursed and blasted everyone from his boss to his ex-wives. He also made bizarre statements in interviews stating that he was a “warlock” with “tiger blood.” His other scandalous acts in public included being removed from the Plaza Hotel after reportedly causing $7,000 in damage.

Being famous certainly has its price. Pressure and stress are usually doubled when both your professional and personal lives become public property. Although the Hollywood celebrities in this list may be revered for their talents, their unpleasant displays of emotional outbursts and strange behavior proves that at the end of the day, they are still humans, who bend and break under strenuous circumstances.

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